Valuation enhancement coaching

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How can you help ensure that you will get what you deserve from the sale of your business? How can you enhance your company’s value in the eye of potential acquirers?

This step-by-step, comprehensive service will give you the objective input and counseling you need to addresses business problems and opportunities prior to the transaction. Please contact us for more information on Valuation Enhancement Coaching.

Planning is often pushed to the back burner as business owners focus on running their businesses; yet proper planning is the keystone to getting what you deserve for your business. Our advisors have years of experience in valuation techniques, and will give you the personal support you need when considering a sales transaction.

At each step along the way, our advisors will help you navigate the pre business sale preparation process.

Steps typically include evaluating your business, developing a benchmark valuation, drafting a comprehensive action plan and timeline, and planning for the sales process.

The goal of the process is to increase the amount you will ultimately realize from the sale of your business, and increase the likelihood of successfully closing a sale.

Initial Evaluation and Assessment

  • Analyze the company’s history and its current status
  • Identify strengths, opportunities for growth and areas for profitability improvement
  • Evaluate weaknesses and possible ways to improve
  • Gain understanding of motivation, financial expectations and exit readiness
  • Involve experts: CPA, legal, and financial planning


Benchmark Valuation

  • Review and recast financials
  • Analyze and understand business trends
  • Compare to industry averages
  • Identify value drivers and detractors
  • Apply Income, Market and Asset based valuation

Action Plan

  • Valuation risks assessment
  • Develop comprehensive action plan and timeline
  • Identify appropriate growth opportunities
  • Reduce unnecessary expenses
  • Evaluate alternatives

Sales Process Planning

  • Prepare for due diligence process
  • Tax and financial planning
  • Involve family succession consulting, if necessary
  • Financial planning considerations
  • Employee matters

Follow-Up and Marketing

  • Regular meetings to assess progress
  • Modify strategy if needed