M&A Update

Q3 2017 M&A Update: Who Will Buy Your Business?
Businesses with enterprise values above $10 million are primarily sold to institutional investors. Those acquirers fall into two broad categories:[...]
Q4 2016 M&A Update: When a Business Owner Receives “The Call”
As a business owner, perhaps the most flattering event that may occur is an unsolicited call from a “buyer” who[...]
Q3 2016 M&A Update: Earn-outs: Uses, Pitfalls, and Opportunities
What is an "Earn-out" as it relates to the sale of a business? An earn-out is a contingent payment agreement[...]
Q2 2016 M&A Update: Favorable Market
We are in an extremely favorable market for business sellers. Buyers have abundant capital to deploy, interest rates are low,[...]
Lower Middle Market Provides Bright Spot in Slowing M&A Climate
Firms that focus on the smaller end of the market, including Audax Private Equity, boasted success in 2015, says Audax[...]
Q1 2015 M&A Market Update
Predictions for 2015 The January issue of Mergers & Acquisitions magazine reported that 2014 was the best year for the[...]
Q3 2014 M&A Market Update
As we reflect on the third quarter of 2014, we have seen several trends develop that are impacting valuations as[...]
Q1 2014 M&A Market Update
As we complete the first quarter of 2014, we have seen several trends develop in M&A that are impacting valuations,[...]