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Selling Your Business Tips

Maximizing Business Value: How to Retain Key Employees
Retaining Key Employees Several years ago, our firm represented a well-established, profitable business, with over 30 employees, many of which[...]
Who Will Buy Your Business?
When a business owner decides it is time to sell, the next thing they often wonder is "who will buy[...]
When is the Right Time to Sell your Business? A Case Study of a Missed Opportunity
In every industry there’s an optimal time to sell a business and a less than optimal time to sell.When Selling[...]
When is the Right Time to Sell your Business?
One question that comes up in many of our conversations with business owners is “when is the right time to[...]
Valuation Methods – Three Main Approaches to Value a Business
Knowing the value of your business is critical to effective planning. There are three different methods to determine the value[...]
Why You Need to Know What Your Business is Worth
What is my business really worth? We hear that often, and it’s actually the best question a business owner should[...]
How to Increase Value by De-Risking Your Business
Business owners quite often receive information advising them how to increase the value of their business. In our experience, there[...]
Ten Ways to Maximize the Value of Your Business
Achieving the maximum value for the business when it sells is the goal of every business owner. A business has[...]
Build to Sell
You, as a business owner, should have the goal of creating the most value possible in your business. Likewise, an[...]
A Race Against Time: Exit Planning
Successful, active business owners seldom slow down. Many business owners are both great at planning (for their businesses) and terrible[...]
Providing Due Diligence
As a business owner your main function is to keep your business running profitably.  However, when an offer is made[...]
Is a Private Equity Group the Best Buyer for Your Business?
Private Equity Groups (PEGs) are currently purchasing middle market businesses at record levels. Middle market companies typically have annual sales[...]
Multiples of EBITDA – What Factors Turn a 3x into a 5x?
We all know that “money doesn’t grow on trees.”  And neither does business value.  You can’t just wait until you[...]
What factors determine the “Multiple” of earnings?
A multiple of earnings is a valuation method whereby the value of a company is expressed through the use of[...]
Creating value in your business to get top dollar when you leave it
Did you ever wonder why one business has buyers lined up willing to pay top dollar while another sits on[...]
Five Key Issues to Address in a Business Sale Transaction
These five issues are key to consider when you are contemplating selling your business.1. Non-Disclosure Agreement This agreement contains a[...]